• How Long Does Adoption in Virginia Usually Take?
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    How Long Does Adoption in Virginia Usually Take?

    Adoption is an amazing option for those looking to offer a child a forever home and expand the family they already have. In Virginia there are approximately 4,000 children in foster care, of which 800 are ready for adoption. The process of adoption may be difficult and thus it is recommended that one seeking to adopt contact an attorney at the onset to assist in navigating the several necessary legal steps.

    How Long Does Adoption in Virginia Usually Take?

    This is a difficult question because adoption in Virginia requires that many legal steps must be followed according to state law to ensure a successful adoption takes place. Because adoption is a legal process, obtaining an attorney at the onset can ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. However, on average, adoption may take anywhere from four to twelve months .

    The Typical Adoption Process in Virginia

    A person looking to adopt in Virginia must first meet basic requirements. Those requirements include (but are not limited to) being 21 years or older, financial stability, and having adequate space within their household for the child. Both single and married couples are welcomed to start the process of adoption. One does not need to be wealthy or have a certain level of education, but must simply demonstrate their ability to financially and emotionally care for a child.
    Each adoption will also require a home study. A home study is a chance to interview the members of the household and to verify if the environment is a safe and welcoming home for a child. A home study will also include criminal background checks, fingerprints, employment history and many personal questions about the history and livelihood of those within the household.

    Other Considerations That May Affect The Time It Takes To Adopt

    Adoptions in Virginia typically go through a licensed adoption agency, a foster-to-adopt process, or a private parental placement of the child. Each process is best handled under the guidance of an attorney and may affect the time it takes to adopt a child. Other considerations include whether one is interested in an infant or a special needs child. Special needs children in Virginia are categorized as six or older, siblings to be placed together, minorities, or children with disabilities. In addition to the process selected and the type of child desired, customary financial needs of the birth mother and/or child must also be considered. For these reasons there are many factors that may affect the length of time it takes to getting a child placed in their forever home. For the best navigation through the process of adoption in Virginia, contact or call an attorney at the office of Shannon & Bedois at (757) 228-5529 so that no steps are missed and that your adoption process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.